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Mark Armstrong: Coming back to running after illness

The author of the content was having a great running life but then got sick. Neil Featherby advised that it’s important to race when in good form and then take a rest to build up reserves. After the Cambridge Town & Gown 10K, the author didn’t feel 100% well and went on a weekend trip with friends, which may not have been the ideal ‘active rest’. Lack of sleep and alcohol contributed to the author getting sick with the flu, which made it difficult to continue running.

The author explained how frustrating it is to feel unwell without being completely ill, and how running depletes daily energy, making it hard to bounce back when feeling low. When the symptoms moved below the neck, the author realized it was time to take a break. The illness thankfully didn’t happen during training for the Berlin marathon. After some internal struggle, the author finally ventured out for a run, feeling rested and ready to get back on the horse.

The author described the experience of the first run back, feeling good in the beginning but losing the novelty after a couple of miles. Despite feeling the urge to keep going, the author ultimately decided to end the run after five miles. The author acknowledged the need to revise the goal for the upcoming St Neots Half Marathon, but looked forward to a base building phase ahead of another marathon in the spring. The author opened up about the possibility of running another marathon, hinting at future plans to be revealed soon.

Overall, the content provided a personal account of dealing with illness and getting back into running after a break. It highlighted the importance of rest and recovery in maintaining a running routine, as well as the challenges of adjusting goals and expectations during the process. Despite setbacks, the author maintained a positive attitude and expressed excitement for future running endeavors.

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