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Motorists and pedestrians put at risk by taxi drivers taking a short cut down a bus and cycle lane!

Residents in the Thorpe Road area of Norwich have contacted Jane Overhill, who is a Labour Party Community Activist in Thorpe Hamlet, to complain about taxis using the bus and cycle lane along Thorpe Road between Carrow Road and Clarence Road.

The lane was installed by Norfolk County Council and it is clearly marked out as a lane for buses and cyclists, however, some taxi drivers are using it, and for other motorists and pedestrians this is proving dangerous.

Drivers who wish to turn right from Thorpe Road and travel along Carrow Road have to cross the bus lane when it is safe to do so, which is when no buses or cyclists are approaching. But near mises are happening due to taxis using the lane when they should be going straight on.

Jane visited the area and said “having stood here for a while to watch the traffic it is clear that several taxi drivers are using the bus and cycle lane as a short cut.

Motorists sat waiting to cross the lane, believe they can move across safely if no buses or cyclists are oncoming, but unfortunately, sometimes when they cross over they unexpectedly have cars coming into the bus lane at 30 mph. It is the same for pedestrians who, use the central islands at the top end of the bus and cycle lane, to cross the junction, with one local resident almost knocked over by a taxi heading straight for them at speed”.

One resident told Jane they are no longer using the right turn into Carrow Road as they consider it too dangerous. Jane has written to Norfolk County Council and the Police to make them aware of this problem but she is yet to receive a response from Norfolk County Council. The Police have advised that the best way forward would be for the Council to install a traffic camera.

Jane added “It would be good if the local press could highlight this issue. I don’t believe it is all taxi drivers abusing the lane, but there are quite a few doing it on a daily basis and I am asking them through the press to stop it, before someone gets killed.”


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