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Norfolk weather forecast: Freeze continues after first snow

Met Office yellow weather warnings for snow and ice have been renewed for Friday night into Saturday morning in Norfolk, as temperatures across the county went sub zero. Santon Downham near Thetford was once again the coldest in the region last night hitting lows of -6.5C. Flurries of snow have hit parts of Norfolk, with a light dusting of snowfall in Dereham, Wymondham and Norwich. These wintry showers are likely to continue in patches over the weekend as temperatures are set to remain low throughout the day with highs of 3C and temperatures predicted to fall to -4C tonight.

To mark the first day of meteorological winter, the cold weather even brought out the first sledders of the season. The cold weather tonight may create more problems as fog from the North Sea hits the region. Temperatures are likely to go even lower on Saturday night, with the Met Office warning of widespread frosts and a chance of mists or freezing fog patches developing where skies clear over the coming nights and potentially into early next week as well. The continued warnings for snow and ice highlight the potential for hazardous conditions to persist in parts of Norfolk in the coming days.

According to a social media post by meteorologist Dan Holley, there was a fresh dusting of snow in parts of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex in the early hours of the morning due to wintry showers feeding inland overnight. The tweet also mentioned that Saturday night potentially could be the coldest of this spell, indicating that the cold weather is likely to persist. The Met Office spokeswoman also warned of widespread frosts and the potential development of mists or freezing fog patches, highlighting the potential challenges and hazards caused by the continued cold weather conditions.

Overall, the renewal of weather warnings for snow and ice, as well as the persistence of low temperatures and wintry showers, highlight the continued cold and hazardous conditions in Norfolk. The potential for widespread frosts, mists, and freezing fog patches create additional challenges, especially during the nighttime hours. The continuation of these conditions into early next week suggests a prolonged period of cold and wintry weather in the region. As a result, residents and local authorities must remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure safety and minimal disruption during this period of inclement weather.

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