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Analysis of Kenny McLean’s performance in 0-0 Preston draw

Norwich City’s decision to play Kenny McLean as a central defender in their game against Bristol City was a surprising one, but ultimately proved to be successful as they secured a dramatic 2-1 victory. The team’s coaching staff opted for this strategy in anticipation of Preston’s low defensive block, allowing McLean to help enhance their possession game. His ability to support both defensive and offensive efforts, as well as his passing skills, were crucial to the team’s success.

In addition to his role in defense, McLean’s line-breaking passes and contributions to Norwich’s attacking plays were instrumental in creating scoring opportunities. Despite facing unfamiliar defensive challenges, McLean managed to handle the pressure effectively, raising questions about the long-term viability of this strategy. With tougher games ahead, such as the East Anglian Derby, the success of McLean’s position as a central defender remains to be seen.

While McLean’s presence in defense contributed positively to Norwich’s possession game, there were some defensive warning signs, indicating that this new role may be a short-term experiment rather than a permanent solution. In upcoming matches, Norwich will need to carefully assess the success of playing McLean in this position and whether it is the most effective strategy for their defensive struggles. Overall, McLean’s performance in the game against Bristol City was rated 7 out of 10, highlighting his importance to the team’s success in possession and his role in creating scoring chances.

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