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Crown Point Estate in Norfolk grows its first PYO pumpkins

The Colman family’s Crown Point Estate, located just outside Norwich, is set to open its first “pick your own” pumpkin patch. The 1.2-hectare plot is expected to have around 1,500-2,000 pumpkins available for visitors. Despite being new to pumpkin farming, the estate has had a successful growing season due to a rainy summer and warm, dry autumn. Each pumpkin plant typically produces one or two pumpkins, but some have produced as many as six. Farm administrator Madelaine Coutinho expressed her excitement about the unexpected success of the crop.

This new initiative is part of the estate’s efforts to attract more visitors and build a stronger relationship with the community. The farm previously held open days for its sunflower field in August, which generated a lot of excitement for a return visit in the autumn. The proximity of the estate to Norwich makes it an accessible and appealing destination for locals. Coutinho sees it as an opportunity for people of all ages to engage in outdoor activities and have fun picking their own pumpkins.

Despite challenges such as a reduction in the number of authorized chemicals and a lack of herbicides, the farm successfully produced a thriving pumpkin crop. Emily Harrod, the commercial technical manager for Bayer CropScience, credits the favorable weather conditions for the pumpkins’ success. The recent warm and dry weather towards the end of the growing season helped protect the pumpkins from rot, resulting in large and healthy produce. This combination of the farm’s first attempt at growing pumpkins and the fortunate weather has contributed to the fantastic sized pumpkins.

The Crown Point Estate’s pick-your-own pumpkin patch will be open to the public on specified days from October 14 to October 29. The estate aims to provide a fun and engaging experience for visitors, allowing them to enjoy the autumn season and immerse themselves in the agricultural activities. Overall, this new initiative is a testament to the estate’s commitment to offering unique and enjoyable experiences for the community while showcasing the successes of their farming endeavors.

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