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Mind the step! An accident waiting to happen as buses mount city street footpaths.

“It’s an ‘accident waiting to happen,’” says local campaign activist within Thorpe Hamlet Labour Party, Jane Overhill, who has been liaising with residents in the Wensum Street/Quayside area of the city amid growing concerns that buses have been seen mounting the footpath to make room for other vehicles. “One business,” Jane told Norwich News, “has had its awning damaged. People sit outside the coffee shop drinking and eating, and it is an accident waiting to happen.

The road is well-known as a traffic bottleneck due to the slim, historic bridge. Recently, locals have become concerned as cases of speeding, reckless driving, and allegations of local bus companies mounting the pavement in a desperate bid to make space have surfaced.

The outrage among locals will only add more fuel to the fire currently alight under local councillor Graham Plant. As the cabinet member at Norfolk County Council responsible for highways, infrastructure, and transport, Plant has faced recent criticism for choices such as reopening Exchange Street in Norwich to traffic and discontinuing a public committee that discussed city traffic projects.

Ms. Overhill exclusively told Norwich News that she has reached out to Mr. Plant via email several times, only to be rebuffed. “He has not responded to either,” she said, “not even a holding email.”

This will come as another public embarrassment for the Conservative Councillor, who is already facing criticism from locals that will certainly add pressure to his bid in the next election.

“He gets my emails,” Ms. Overhill continues, “because he did respond to one about another matter.”

We’ve reached out to First Buses for a response.

The story continues…”

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