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River Wensum inches from overflowing in Norwich amid alerts

Flood warnings have been issued in Norfolk due to high spring tides, which are expected to continue into the weekend. Riverside homeowners along the River Yare in areas such as Cantley, Brundall, and Whitlingham have been advised to prepare for potential flooding of homes and businesses. Additionally, new images depict high water levels along the River Wensum near the Novi Sad Friendship Bridge, with water rising to the top of the quay heading. The Environment Agency has stated that the current series of high spring tides will persist for the next few days, and further warning messages may be issued.

In light of the flood warnings, the Environment Agency spokesperson has urged residents to remain vigilant, particularly those living in isolated low-lying properties along the River Waveney and riverside properties along the Yare. The agency has also announced the issuance of six additional flood alerts in the region. The high tides along the River Wensum in Norwich have been captured in images, prompting concerns among authorities. Wardens are on standby to address flooding in Broads village, and the tides are expected to recede after the weekend, allowing freshwater river flows to drain out to sea at low tide as usual.

The potential for flooding in Norfolk has raised concerns among residents and authorities, prompting the issuing of flood warnings and alerts. Despite the expected continuation of high spring tides into the weekend, the Environment Agency has reassured that freshwater river flows will eventually drain out to sea at low tide as normal. As a result, residents along the River Waveney, River Yare, and River Wensum, as well as other low-lying and riverside properties, have been advised to take precautions. With the situation being closely monitored, authorities remain on standby to address any flooding that may occur as a result of the high tides.

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