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Ben Knapper calls for time to assess Norwich City situation

Norwich City Football Club has welcomed its new managing director, Chris Knapper, who has officially begun his role at the club following his appointment in October. One of his first tasks is to evaluate the performance of under-pressure head coach David Wagner and assess the potential changes required in various football departments to guide the club’s future direction. Norwich recently managed to secure a 3-2 victory over Cardiff, but their form has been poor overall, leading to Knapper’s start date being brought forward.

According to Knapper, he will take a cautious approach and avoid making hasty decisions regarding the club’s future. He plans to undertake an assessment period before considering any changes in the footballing structure. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the team and expressed his commitment to making an impact on the men’s senior team. Knapper expressed the need to familiarize himself with the club’s context and observe the working dynamics firsthand, rather than relying on external perspectives. He emphasized the significance of gaining clarity on areas for improvement and the potential need for changes.

The club’s head coach, David Wagner, has faced criticism and pressure due to Norwich’s declination in Championship table rankings. Knapper has been involved in discussions regarding Wagner’s future even before his official start date and has had positive conversations with the head coach. He has also started observing training sessions to gain a deeper understanding of the team’s dynamics and preparation processes. Knapper expressed his anticipation to commence his responsibilities and looks forward to the opportunity to be on the ground and observe the practices closely before making any significant decisions regarding the club’s future.

Norwich City Football Club’s recent poor form has prompted Knapper to prioritize assessing the team’s performance and addressing potential changes required to improve their standing in the Championship. He emphasized the need for a careful evaluation and an in-depth understanding of the club’s operations before stepping into any significant decision-making process. Knapper has also initiated positive discussions with head coach David Wagner and has started observing training sessions to gain firsthand insight into the team’s dynamics.

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