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Met Office issues thunderstorm weather warning for Norfolk

The Met Office has put the yellow warning in place between 1pm and 8pm today, May 10.

Heavy rain downpours are expected, with showers and thunderstorms likely to cause some disruption to travel due to spray, standing water and hail.

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According to the office, delays to train services are possible and there might be some damage to buildings and structures from lightning strikes.

The spokesman said there could be up to 1.1 inches of rainwater in two to three hours due to the heavy showers.

The Met Office has also warned of short-term loss of power and other services.

The warning is in place for East Anglia, the East Midlands and the entire east coast from Kent to Scotland.

During storms on Tuesday, Norfolk Fire Service received 50 calls due to flooding.

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The worst-hit areas were King’s Lynn, Watlington, North Wootton, Dereham, Costessey and Norwich.

Homes were inundated with heavy rain and two properties were struck by lightning.

John Linden, King’s Lynn’s fire station manager, said: “The water levels created hazardous conditions which led to widespread flooding.

“We attended 26 incidents and we received 36 calls for help.”



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