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Worthing 1 Norwich City Women 1: Ellie Smith on target in draw

Worthing hosted a match against City where they showed great composure in possession, causing City a lot of problems in the first half. Winchester took the lead for the Rebels in the 19th minute with a goal from 18 yards. City’s striker, Snelling, was isolated for most of the first half, but the team took more risks in the second half to support her. This paid off when Smith scored, drawing them level in the game.

City continued to push for a winner, with Larkins’ set-pieces causing concern for the Worthing defense. However, they were unable to find the crucial finishing touch before the final whistle blew. The Norwich City lineup included Quantrill, Larkins, Flye, Strauss, Parker, Morran, Knights, Tomlinson, Smith, Todd, and Snelling, with Daviss, Symonds, Hailes, Shaw, and Lawrence as substitutes.

Overall, the match was a close and hard-fought one, with both teams displaying impressive skills and determination. Despite the result ending in a draw, both teams should be proud of their performances, and the match was an exciting display of women’s football. City’s adjustment in the second half to support Snelling proved effective, and Worthing’s composure in possession showcased their talent. Both teams will be looking to build on this performance in their future matches.

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