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Will Jennings on Norwich City, Stuart Webber and the Brazil Grand Prix

The article discusses the state of Norwich City’s football team and the problems they are currently facing. The writer highlights the similarities between the current state of the team and the situation they were in 15 years ago. The team is struggling in the Championship, and the manager, David Wagner, is failing to turn things around. The club has made the decision to replace the current sporting director, Stuart Webber, with Ben Knapper, in the hopes of salvaging the season and avoiding relegation.

The author criticizes Stuart Webber for his perceived lack of action and awareness of the club’s situation. While he is credited with spearheading positive changes at the club in the past, his behavior in the recent situation, including rumors of a trip to Brazil while the team was struggling, has led to backlash and a negative reputation. The team has returned to a financially unstable and directionless state, despite Webber’s earlier efforts to overhaul the squad. The author also mentions past controversial comments made by Webber, which have harmed his public image.

The appointment of Ben Knapper as the new sporting director is seen as an opportunity to change the club’s trajectory. The writer notes that Knapper will have a tough task ahead of him and it will be interesting to see how he handles the situation. The article concludes by suggesting that Webber’s legacy has been tainted by recent events and that Knapper has the chance to elevate his career by bringing positive changes to the club. Overall, the article emphasizes the current crisis at Norwich City and the hopes for improvement with the change in leadership.

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