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Rotherham United v Norwich City: Championship fan reaction

Former City striker Jordan Hugill scored the match winner for the home side, with Christian Fassnacht’s second-half strike giving the Norfolk club hope.

David Wagner’s charges couldn’t find an equaliser, however, and left without being able to take advantage of slip-ups in the Championship.

More than 2,200 Norwich supporters travelled to South Yorkshire, selling out the Millers’ away end on the day.

We spoke to some of those fans at the New York Stadium about the game and City’s late transfer deadline day business.

See the best of those conversations in the video above, and read quotes below.

Ryan: Terrible, too slow at the back. Get it forward!

Our wingers are playing as centre midfielders. Why? Get them wide, push them up, and let’s get that ball moving. We just need to get up the pitch faster.

We need to play Nunez, and get Sara behind Barnes, so Nunez can pick the ball up, Sara can play behind Barnes and find the balls through.

Use the wingers! We’ve got many fast wingers, use them! Jon Rowe is on top form and barely got used today, because we’re too busy trying to play it through the middle. He’s stood in centre mid, get him out wide.

I still think we’ll do well this season, there’s no question about it. We came here today thinking that we were going to smash them, but that’s the Championship.

Ollie: We missed Sargent up top. Idah doesn’t offer a lot, does he? He doesn’t press like Sargent, we need someone to press that back line. Sara’s the only one who creates anything.

We’re a team who presses people, and when we press people we create chances. We know Sargent’s injured, but Idah’s filling in for him so you’d expect that he’d know how to press. But he didn’t press.

The new striker might press better than Idah, but Idah’s been here for a long time.

I just think it’s a blip. Every good team plays rubbish football.

Jamie: It wasn’t a brilliant performance. Fassnacht showed a bit of promise. Idah looked a little bit out of his depth but we just didn’t have the fightback that we showed at Southampton in the end.

We definitely improved in the second half, but Rotherham were just very good defensively, and we couldn’t break them down.

It definitely showed that we were missing Sargent out there. He’s able to go and win the ball for us, and we struggled a lot for possession. Our first touch was poor across the midfield.

We’re always going to have defeats throughout the season, we’re not going to go unbeaten. But it’s not good to lose against a team like Rotherham, who are going to be fighting relegation at the end of the season.

The challenge is to go and get three points in the next game, and make sure we don’t get into poor form.

AK: I thought a point would be alright coming into the game, but I’m still disappointed. But we saw a goal, and it could have been worse.

We were terrible at the back. Yes, we scored a goal, but when you defend like that you’re never going to win a game. I wouldn’t call anyone out specifically but we were poor at the back.

Luke: It’s disappointing. On paper Rotherham are one of the weaker teams in the Championship and we seemed unstoppable until today.

In a sense the international break has come at the perfect time because we’ve only lost one game and hopefully we can get it out of our system in the next couple of weeks.

Adam Idah doesn’t look up to scratch to be honest. I don’t mind him as a third option behind Barnes and Sargent, I suppose now we’re starting to see the importance of squad depth in this league, one day too late.

I think most Norwich fans want to see him succeed, I just wonder when (and if) we’re going to see 5 or 6 positive performances in a row from him, because he only ever shows flashes of brilliance.

Rob: I worry that we’re too dependant on Jonathan Rowe already. We’ve not had a game without a goal or assist by him and such athletically-focused and dynamic players rarely go a whole season without injury.

The transfer approach looks really short-sighted as well; we’re replacing young talent with 30-somethings and it feels like we might not be as guarded for the future as we have been in recent years.

The second string is also really far away from competing with the first-choice players. Idah stepping in for Sargent and putting in that performance is a prime example.

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