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Norwich City Women boss hails ‘warriors’ after Hashtag United cup win

Norwich City Women’s Football Club recently obtained a surprising victory in the #WomensFACup despite initially appearing as underdogs. The manager, Herdman, described it as their first hit at the FA Cup, and stated they were up against the Hashtag team, who are at a level above them. Despite Norwich not dominating the ball as they were expected to, they had a clear game plan which they followed excellently, and Ellie Smith’s early goal gave them something to hang onto. This also marked the team’s third clean sheet of the campaign, a feat that was praised by the manager, and veteran goalkeeper Quantrill was specifically lauded for her calming influence and outstanding save.

In a quick video, George Wilson expressed surprise at the unexpected victory of Norwich City Women’s Football Club against the Hashtag United. The win was achieved because of the team’s diligence in following their game plan, as indicated by player Ceri Flye, who mentioned that they knew they would be required to defend more than they’re used to. This is something they prepared for specifically in training, and the game plan was executed successfully by everyone. It was a mental game, as Flye described, with the need to choose the right moments and be prepared for surprises. Despite a tough draw, Norwich City is now looking forward to the next round and is set on taking it game-by-game.

Flye expressed how the victory carries significant meaning due to last year’s loss against Burnley and is the proudest moment she’s had in a Norwich City shirt. For the next round, the team is anticipating the draw and preparing to come up with a game plan for their next opponent. Not yet getting too excited about a possible road to Wembley, they are taking their victories one at a time. The lineup for the game included players such as Quantrill, Parker, Knights, Todd, Snelling, and several others, with some unused subs like Daviss and Symonds.

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