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Norwich City: Stuart Webber’s Canaries exit message

After more than six years at Norwich City, Stuart Webber will be overseeing his final game as the club’s sporting director before being replaced by Ben Knapper. During his tenure, he was involved in two Championship titles at Carrow Road and secured significant developments to the club’s training ground. However, the club has faced significant challenges in recent years, including relegation from the Premier League and financial difficulties. In a heartfelt message on the club’s official website, Webber expressed his pride in the achievements during his time at Norwich City. He also thanked the club’s owners and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve the club.

Webber reflected on his time at Norwich City, expressing his pride in working with the club’s head coaches and players. He also praised the players for their commitment and professionalism, acknowledging the challenges they faced as professional footballers. He specifically mentioned Grant Hanley’s leadership and contributions during his time at the club. Additionally, Webber expressed his appreciation for the work of the Community Sports Foundation and highlighted the importance of developing the club’s training ground to create a professional environment for the players and staff.

The sporting director also shared special memories from his time at the club, including the celebration of two Championship title wins. While he acknowledged making mistakes and facing difficult moments, he maintained that his intention was always to serve and protect the interests of the club. Webber expressed his fondness for the staff at Norwich City, from the academy setup to the first team, and praised their dedication to the club. His passion for nurturing young talent and providing a pathway to the first team was evident in his commitment to improving the club’s academy system. Overall, Webber’s farewell message conveyed his deep appreciation for the club and its supporters.

As Webber bids farewell to Norwich City, his legacy includes significant accomplishments and challenges faced during his tenure. While there were setbacks, his dedication to the club’s development and the nurturing of young talent is a lasting contribution. The club will now transition to a new era under Ben Knapper’s leadership, and Webber’s impact on Norwich City’s journey will be remembered as the club moves forward.

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