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Norwich City: Dimi Giannoulis on club vs country competition

Giannoulis, a 28-year-old left-back for Norwich City, is aiming for a victory in the Euro2024 qualifying finale against France. He is also hoping to reclaim his first-choice spot on his club’s Championship XI. Early in the season, he faced competition from Sam McCallum at Carrow Road, and Przemyslaw Placheta was preferred for a trip to Cardiff, but he was introduced at the interval and his contributions helped lead to a late winning goal. Giannoulis is also competing with Liverpool’s Kostas Tsimikas for a place in his national team and is focused on improving his game.

He believes that competition within the team is a positive thing and that the relationships built within the team help to create a good atmosphere. Giannoulis is more concerned with the team winning than his own personal success and feels that the competition for positions within the team is beneficial. He acknowledges the high level of talent within the national team and believes that this competition is a result of the increased quality of players in the country.

Giannoulis is looking forward to the upcoming match against France, aiming for an upset after a narrow defeat in their previous encounter. Although France and the Netherlands have already qualified from the pool, Giannoulis believes that a positive result against France will be a boost for the team. Without the stress of needing to secure a spot, they can focus on performing to the best of their abilities without any added pressure.

Overall, Giannoulis is focused on improving his game, both on a club and national level, and is looking forward to the upcoming match against France. He sees competition within the team as a positive thing, believes in the talent of his teammates, and is aiming to win not only for personal success but for the team’s success as a whole.

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