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Norwich City: David Wagner on Stuart Webber Canaries exit

Wagner’s last game as Norwich City’s head coach will be a Championship trip to Cardiff, as incoming sporting director Ben Knapper will take over on Monday. Stuart Webber, Norwich City’s previous sporting director, hand-picked Wagner to continue their partnership at Huddersfield during his time at the club. Webber signed off with a lengthy personal message on Friday, ahead of his departure and Wagner’s last match in charge. Wagner is confident in the transformation at Colney, believing it will yield long-term benefits for the club.

Wagner commended Webber’s tenure, stating that his seven years in the club have been successful. The German admired the training facilities, likening it to some of the top teams in Germany and a few Premier League teams. He emphasized the importance of a proper training facility in producing talents, creating value, and ultimately dictating the game. Wagner also emphasized the importance of having a long-term vision to produce and create value for the future. He understands his role as both a game-winner and a producer of players who can bring in future revenue for the club.

Despite Webber’s decision to quit the club shortly after recruiting Wagner, the German insisted it did not disrupt his ability to do his job. Wagner and Webber had previously discussed the possibility of Webber leaving the club, and Wagner was aware that it could happen. Although it was surprising when it actually occurred, Wagner did not view it as a big problem for him. He expressed his belief that Webber’s legacy may only be fully recognized after some time has passed, highlighting the achievements of the club during Webber’s tenure. Overall, Wagner remained confident in the club’s future and emphasized the importance of building value for the long-term success of Norwich City.

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