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Norwich City: David Wagner on Delia Canaries backing

Norwich head coach, Daniel Wagner, has been facing increasing pressure as the team’s performance has declined in recent weeks. Despite losing eight league games out of 11, Wagner has received support from joint minority shareholders who offered their backing ahead of the team’s upcoming match against Cardiff City. Wagner revealed that Delia and Michael, the joint minority shareholders, reached out to offer him support during this difficult time. He emphasized that the conversation was important as it allowed him to hear their opinion on the team’s current situation and why they have struggled. Wagner expressed gratitude for their support and understanding, and acknowledged that while results are crucial, he is grateful for the owners who care about the club and are able to see the bigger picture.

The conversation with the joint minority shareholders was significant for Wagner, as it reinforced his belief that he has the support of the owners and the board. He mentioned that he already knew from conversations with other people that he had the full support of the owners and the board, but hearing it directly from them was rewarding. Wagner emphasized the importance of having the backing of the owners and the board, especially during challenging times. He believes that it is crucial for football club owners to understand the reasons behind the team’s struggles and actively work towards finding solutions and making necessary changes. Wagner feels that he has the support needed to turn around Norwich’s performance in the Championship.

Despite the team’s underwhelming performance, Wagner is confident that he has the backing to lift Norwich out of the relegation zone. He expressed his appreciation for Delia and Michael’s support, highlighting that their understanding and belief in him are crucial during this challenging period. While he acknowledged that results are essential in the football business, Wagner was reassured by the support and understanding shown by the joint minority shareholders. He emphasized that it was a very positive conversation and expressed optimism about the future. Wagner believes that the continued support from the owners and the board will play a significant role in helping the team overcome its current challenges and achieve better results in the future.

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