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Norwich City: David Wagner interview on Adam Idah’s form

22-year-old Adam Idah has been making quite an impact for his club, Norwich City, recently. He scored a late goal for the Republic of Ireland in a 1-1 draw with New Zealand, following a late winner against Cardiff before the international break. Idah has scored five times in seven starts for Norwich City this season, including two match-winning goals and strong performances against Hull City and Plymouth Argyle.

Despite his successful start to the season, head coach Wagner believes that Idah still has a lot of work to do and plenty of room for improvement. Wagner acknowledges that while scoring goals is important for a striker, there were many missed opportunities for Idah as well. He hopes to see continued improvement from the young player and is looking forward to seeing what he can achieve in the future.

Wagner emphasizes the importance of consistently strong team performances rather than focusing solely on individual success. He wants to see the entire team giving their all every week, whether they are starting or coming off the bench. While he is pleased with Idah’s recent performances and goals, he stresses that the team’s success is the most important thing and values a collective effort over individual achievements. As such, he hopes that Idah’s success will contribute positively to the team as a whole.

Overall, the coach is impressed with Idah’s recent performances, but believes that there is still room for improvement. He emphasizes the importance of team effort and consistency, highlighting that individual success is secondary to the overall success of the team. As Idah continues to develop and improve, it is hoped that his success will positively impact the team as a whole.

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