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Ex-Chile boss Berrizo on Norwich City’s Marcelino Nunez

Eduardo Berrizo has resigned as Chile’s head coach following a goalless draw with Paraguay. Marcelino Nunez, a midfielder for Norwich City, missed the game due to suspension after being red-carded in their defeat to Venezuela during the October international break. Berrizo controversially recalled Nunez to the squad for the final game, defending his decision by emphasizing the importance of second chances. Despite Nunez’s suspension, 12 of his 21 international appearances have come under Berrizo’s management. Nicolás Córdova will take temporary charge of the team while a successor is found. Chile, currently third from bottom in South America qualification for the World Cup, will need to secure results as they move forward.

Berrizo stated that he had failed to fulfill the expectations of the position and announced his departure after the Paraguay game. He expressed gratitude to the president of the Federation, Pablo Milad, those he worked with, and the players who committed to the process. Berrizo believes that Nunez, who awaits the implications of the managerial change, deserves a second chance despite his costly mistake in the previous game. Chile is eager to prove themselves against Ecuador and secure the results they need to improve their standings in the South America qualification for the World Cup. Berrizo’s resignation signals that the team needs a fresh perspective in their efforts to improve performance.

Nunez missed Berrizo’s final game due to suspension from a red-card incident, which led to heavy criticism in his home country. Berrizo had defended his decision to recall Nunez to the squad despite the suspension, emphasizing the importance of giving second chances. Nunez awaits the implications of the managerial change but will be eager to contribute to the team’s performance moving forward. Berrizo, in acknowledging that he had not achieved the expected results, announced his resignation, expressing gratitude to those he had worked with and emphasizing the commitment of the players. With a new temporary boss in charge, Chile’s national team seeks to make a comeback and improve their standing in World Cup qualification.

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