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David Wagner on need for Norwich City turning point after Cardiff win

Norwich City halted their dire run of form with an unlikely 3-2 comeback against Cardiff, after finding themselves behind with less than 10 minutes to play. This victory was the Canaries’ second in 11 matches and eased some of the substantial pressure that has been building on the City boss. Manager Wagner expressed hope that this victory will help them start afresh after a bruising couple of months and that unlocking consistency will be the key after the break. He credited the victory to the players and their togetherness, as well as their return of confidence and focus.

Wagner admitted that he wasn’t surprised by the team’s victory and expressed his love for the players and the dressing room. He noted that the team’s biggest issue was a lack of individual performances, but the victory displayed the players’ ability and confidence. Wagner emphasized the importance of the players’ belief in themselves and their ability to fight for their confidence back. Additionally, Norwich City is pausing for a fortnight with incoming sporting director Ben Knapper joining the club, and will return to action against struggling QPR. Wagner acknowledged that the victory cannot be another false dawn and that consistency is crucial moving forward.

In the post-match commentary, Wagner mentioned that midfielder Kenny McLean spoke in the dressing room and emphasized the need for the victory to be a turning point for the team. Wagner highlighted the players’ focus, concentration, desire, and aggression as key factors in the victory and stated that these qualities need to be displayed consistently in order to stay in the game and have a chance at winning. The team will need to continue to show the basics consistently in order to remain competitive and achieve further victories in the future. Overall, the improbable comeback victory over Cardiff provided a much-needed boost for Norwich City and its players, while also relieving some pressure on the manager.

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