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David Hannant: I’ll wish David Wagner well when he is let go

The content discusses the potential departure of the Norwich City boss, David Wagner, the arrival of a new sporting director, Stuart Webber’s departure, and his legacy at the club. The writer expresses uncertainty about Wagner’s future at the club and believes that his departure is imminent. The writer compares Wagner’s situation to that of former coach Dean Smith, highlighting the difference in their post-match behavior and how they are perceived by the writer. The writer acknowledges the flaws in Wagner’s management but also recognizes the positive aspects of his tenure, including periods of hope and success.

The content delves into Stuart Webber’s legacy at Norwich City, expressing gratitude for the two promotion seasons under his leadership and the improvements made to the club’s infrastructure. However, the writer also addresses the sour note on which Webber is leaving, including the breakdown of positive links with fans and failed gambles. The writer presents a conflicting view of Webber’s legacy, recognizing his successes while also acknowledging the sense of disarray at the club, making the idea of his legacy weird and complex.

Overall, the content reflects on the potential departure of the Norwich City boss, David Wagner, and the departure of sporting director Stuart Webber, offering a nuanced perspective on their legacies at the club. The writer expresses uncertainty about the future of the club and hints at the need for a reset. The content provides insight into the internal dynamics of the club and the impact of key personnel on its performance and reputation. It offers a balanced view of the successes and failures during Webber’s tenure, reflecting the complexities of his legacy.

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