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Blackburn’s Scott Wharton wins appeal over Norwich City red card

Blackburn Rovers defender Jarrad Wharton was dismissed in the 54th minute of their recent match against Norwich City for ‘denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity’ when he was perceived to have brought down City winger Onel Hernandez as he looked to burst through on goal. Referee Josh Smith initially made the call, but replays later showed that Wharton had won the ball, prompting Blackburn to appeal the decision. The club confirmed on Monday that they had submitted an appeal to the FA, which was subsequently overturned by an independent Regulatory Commission on Tuesday, making Wharton available for their upcoming Championship fixture against Preston North End on Friday night.

The decision to appeal was hinted at by Blackburn’s coach, Jon Dahl Tomasson, after the match on Saturday, as he mentioned that after watching replays from different angles, they would consider submitting an appeal. Tomasson believed that Wharton had touched the ball and thought that the decision to send him off was a bit soft, even going as far as to suggest that England was becoming soft. He also mentioned that they had plenty of time to discuss the situation on the coach back to Blackburn and decide whether to appeal the decision. Ultimately, the club decided to appeal, and the decision was overturned, allowing Wharton to play in their next match.

The controversy surrounding the red card for Wharton began with the perception that he had denied a clear goal-scoring opportunity. However, after reviewing the replay, it became evident that Wharton had actually won the ball, making the decision for the red card unjust. Blackburn took the initiative to appeal the decision, which was ultimately successful, as an independent Regulatory Commission ruled in their favor, overturning the red card and making Wharton available for their next match against Preston North End.

The decision to overturn the red card for Wharton was a victory for Blackburn Rovers, as the club had felt that the initial decision was unjust. This victory was a result of their appeal to the FA, which was later upheld by an independent Regulatory Commission. Jon Dahl Tomasson’s comments after the match, hinting at the possibility of an appeal, set the stage for this eventual success, allowing Wharton to play in their next match. The club’s proactive approach to appealing the decision and ultimately securing a favorable outcome demonstrated their commitment to fighting for what they believed was right and ensuring that their players received fair treatment.

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