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King’s Lynn centre manager begins new chapter 

Emily Hart, who has served as manager of the CAP Debt Centre in King’s Lynn for six and half years, is being promoted to Area Manager for the East of England.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve people in the King’s Lynn area over these last 6 1/2 years,” she writes. “Lots of seeds have been sown and many lives have been set free from the tangles of debt. I am excited to see and hear what God is going to do in the future through the King’s Lynn Debt Centre team.”

She is also very excited for the next season of my life as she still gets to be involved in CAP but in a different way. She has been given the opportunity to enter a new chapter, beginning a new role within Christians Against Poverty as Area Manager of East of England (North) in September.

“I want to thank everyone who has been involved and supported the Debt Centre and myself over these last years,” writes Emily. “Everyone has played an important part in what we do, from prayers of someone at home, to volunteers who attend appointments and trustee’s who help guide and oversee the Debt Centre.  This centre will always have a piece of my heart but as I step down I know God will put the right people in place to carry the Centre forward to continue transforming the lives of people in the King’s Lynn Area. Please pray for this season of transition for the centre and myself. All your prayers are always greatly appreciated.”

You can view the advertisement for a new Debt Centre Manager here.

Pictured above is Emily Hart.  

Eldred Willey, 19/08/2022

Read the full article here

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