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Norfolk Bible teacher relaunches in Poringland 

Jill Gower, who for many years has run a prayer and Bible teaching ministry in Norwich, will be setting up a new base in Poringland in the New Year. 

The new season will begin on January 12 with a series of talks on ‘Walking in the Anointing’. 


“This has been a time of so many changes,” writes Jill, “and as a ministry we have wanted to navigate the way forward and fulfil the calling God has for us as a prayer and Bible teaching ministry.

“We have realised that it is time to let the building go at Antingham, and to move into new pastures that God has opened up. We are very excited to be moving our Thursday morning meetings to Poringland. These will be starting on January 12 at 10.30am, and this coming term we will be looking at ‘Walking in the Anointing’.”

The sessions of the new course will look at –  

1.    Knowing the Lord in a deeper way

2.    Hearing God through His Word

3.    The gifts God gives us

4.    Bearing much fruit

5.    How do we pray?

6.    How do we grow in faith?

7.    Relationship with others.

The venue will be The Octagon, All Saints Church, Poringland, Norwich NR14 7LE. 

As well as this, Jill is starting Zoom Club on a Monday evening once a month and is going to have guest speakers share what they feel the Lord is saying. She is also going to begin an online Bible course with the Hebraic roots flavour, exploring such topics as the Spiritual Realms, covenants, prophetic types, the marriage covenant, the Tabernacle, Priesthood and the feasts. These will be in a series of seven and will be on a Tuesday evening on Zoom.

“We are very excited to make these changes,” writes Jill, “and want to thank you for your support to us over the years and look forward to journeying together.”

Pictured above is Jill Gower.


Eldred Willey, 15/12/2022

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