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Gorleston school thanks church for hampers 

Cliff Park Ormiston Academy recently received a generous donation from the Cliff Park Community Church in the form of Christmas hampers for families of students who attend the school. The church, located next door to the high school, collected sweet and savory Christmas treats to fill the hampers, including mince pies and Christmas cake, along with supermarket vouchers. Thirty large hampers were assembled in total and will be distributed to families identified by the school. The distribution was facilitated by Gary Pillar, who is both an Assistant Principal at the high school and a member of the church.

The Principal of the school, Mr. Harry French, expressed his gratitude to the Cliff Park Community Church in a post on social media, thanking them for their kind donation. The school and academy families will benefit greatly from the hampers, and the generous act has been greatly appreciated by the entire school community. A photo shared by Mr. French shows Gary Pillar and other members of the Cliff Park Ormiston Academy community with some of the hampers, showcasing the impact of the church’s thoughtful donation.

The partnership between Cliff Park Ormiston Academy and the Cliff Park Community Church has resulted in a heartwarming display of community support. This act of generosity will undoubtedly bring joy to the families receiving the hampers, helping to spread cheer and goodwill during the holiday season. The collaboration between the school and the church demonstrates the positive impact that can be achieved when members of the community come together to support one another, especially during times of need. The thoughtful gesture of providing Christmas hampers and vouchers has created a lasting impact on the school community, fostering a sense of unity during the festive period.

Overall, the donation of Christmas hampers from the Cliff Park Community Church to Cliff Park Ormiston Academy has allowed for a meaningful and impactful display of generosity within the local community. The hampers, filled with Christmas treats and vouchers, will bring joy and comfort to the families of students at the school. The collaboration between the church and the academy has fostered a sense of togetherness and support, further strengthening the bonds within the community. This heartwarming act of kindness will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on both the school and the church, highlighting the power of community support during the holiday season.

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