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Norwich artist Kathryn Knapp’s Ask Italian window display

Norwich artist Kathryn Knapp was selected to design the Christmas window displays at the Ask Italian restaurant located at Chantry Place. Knapp’s festive mural, inspired by Elm Hill, a renowned street in the city, aims to bring holiday cheer to diners. The mural features winding streets and is adorned with Christmas sprinkles such as stars, sparkles, ribbons, and robins. Using Edding white acrylic pens, the former University of Brighton illustration student created her display.

Ask Italian has dedicated to featuring festive murals in all of their 65 restaurants, with each branch showcasing the work of a local artist. These artists draw inspiration from their surrounding areas, incorporating famous landmarks and historical figures to represent their respective regions. Marketing director Corinne Prior emphasized her excitement at seeing a multitude of unique designs in their restaurants, with artists from across the country leaving their creative mark in a beautiful way.

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