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Christine Webber says we mustn’t hunker into winter mode

The author emphasizes the importance of maintaining mental health during the winter months by engaging in activities that bring joy and comfort. They recommend actively seeking out five enjoyable moments every day, even when the weather is inclement. They share personal experiences of finding joy in simple activities such as walking briskly, receiving a parcel, and finding a nostalgic TV series to watch. The author encourages readers to create their own daily cheering activities and to reward themselves with special comforts during tough times.

In addition to daily cheering activities, the author suggests rewarding oneself with special comforts during tough times. They emphasize the importance of engaging in activities that bring pleasure and consolation without sabotaging overall health. Suggestions for uplifting forms of consolation include connecting with friends through video calls, taking a long bath with fragrant oils, and listening to music. The author also highlights the mood-boosting effects of planning a future holiday and dressing in bright, colorful clothing to lift spirits.

The author also encourages readers to stick to their regular routines and avoid cancelling commitments due to miserable weather. They emphasize that cancelling commitments can lead to feelings of misery and encourage readers to make the effort to participate in activities that are important to them, even in mucky or uncomfortable weather. By maintaining a sense of structure and routine, the author suggests that the winter months will feel less long and tedious.

Overall, the author’s main message is to actively seek out joy and comfort during the winter months, regardless of the weather. They stress the importance of engaging in activities that bring pleasure and consolation, maintaining a sense of routine, and avoiding the tendency to hibernate or cancel commitments due to unpleasant weather. Additionally, the author advocates for finding joy in simple moments and actively seeking out activities that bring happiness and fulfillment.

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