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From Fiveways to The Stanley – where was your first drink?

Here are seven pubs in Norwich where our readers had their first drinks.

1. The Regal

Where: 7 Dereham Road, Norwich

The Regal closed as a pub in 2011 after trading as a watering hole for more than a decade.

Norwich Evening News: The Regal pub, Dereham RoadThe Regal pub, Dereham Road (Image: Newsquest)

Originally the Regal cinema, it housed a bingo hall and casino before becoming derelict. It was then taken over by Wetherspoon, which opened it as the City Gates pub in 1999.

The pub chain gave it up about nine years later and it was then known as the Regal and Speakies before it became a buffet-style oriental restaurant called Merge.

The premises are now home to The Bowling House.

2. The Romany

Where: 131 Colman Road, Norwich

Bullards temporarily owned the pub from 1958 but Enterprise Inns owned it at the time of closure.

Norwich Evening News: The Romany pictured in 2008The Romany pictured in 2008 (Image: Google Maps)

It was known as The Romany Beer House, the Romany Rye, and The Romany.

The freehold was sold for £350,000 in October 2009, after its closure in 2008.

3. The Blueberry Pub

Where: 20 Cowgate, Norwich

Norwich Evening News: The Blueberry Pub in CowgateThe Blueberry Pub in Cowgate (Image: Newsquest)

The Blueberry Music House on Cowgate was a thriving venue where many aspiring artists and bands would play to locals, before it closed in September 2019.

Its history can be traced back even further as documents online show it had been serving punters since 1836 – when it was known locally as St. Pauls Tavern.

4. The Larkman

Where: 566 Dereham Road, Norwich

Norwich Evening News: Fire at the former Larkman pubFire at the former Larkman pub (Image: Newsquest)

This pub only lives on in the memories of those who used it as a drinking hole, as it was demolished to make way for an Aldi food store around 2000. 

The building suffered a fire in 2001 and the premises were later demolished.

5. Fiveways

Where: Gipsy Lane, Norwich

Norwich Evening News: Paul and Pippa Satchwell at the Fiveways pub in 2009Paul and Pippa Satchwell at the Fiveways pub in 2009 (Image: Newsquest)

The Fiveways pub opened in 1928, following the transfer of licenses from the Mancroft Stores and the Curriers Arms.

In 1969, a “drink the pub dry” event was held during UEA RAG Week and the UEA record for drinking a pint was reduced to 2.9 seconds.

6. The Stanley

Where: 33 Magdalen Rd, Norwich

Norwich Evening News: The Stanley in 1993The Stanley in 1993 (Image: Newsquest)

The building dates back to 1886 but was damaged in 1942 during the Second World War.

It was owned by Watney Mann in 1967, before Punch Taverns in 2003.

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The premises became known in the late 1900’s as The Stanley, with a Laurel and Hardy theme.

7. Ten Bells

Where: St Benedicts Street, Norwich

Norwich Evening News: Martin Westgate-Pearce of the Ten Bells in St Benedicts Street, seated in the new restaurant, March 1990Martin Westgate-Pearce of the Ten Bells in St Benedicts Street, seated in the new restaurant, March 1990 (Image: Newsquest)

John Brett, a weaver from Worstead, was the first landlord in 1760. 

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A 200-year-old fireplace was discovered and later plans to demolish part of it were rejected by the City Council in 1991 to protect the historical feature.

The premises were extended in 1983 and Benedict’s Wine Bar was added in the adjoining shop.

Greene King completed a three-month refurbishment in 1988.

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