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7 things I know about Norwich after moving from Suffolk

After 25 years of living in Suffolk, the author has moved to Norfolk and is getting to know Norwich. First, they discovered the Beryl e-scooters, which they initially found thrilling and daring, but have since come to rely on for convenience. They now feel like a valiant knight riding around the city on their e-scooter and have been scooting around ever since. The author has also discovered the bustling Norwich Market, where they have enjoyed a variety of delicious lunch options and are looking forward to their next visit. They also learned that Norwich is much bigger than they anticipated, with a population of over 143,000, and are constantly finding themselves getting lost in the city’s Lanes.

The author is still learning how to talk like a true Norfolk resident, struggling with the pronunciation of nearby towns such as Wymondham and Costessey. They are also finding driving through the city to be confusing and overwhelming. Despite being within walking distance to work, the author’s weekly venture to Tesco can be daunting, particularly when navigating the Thickthorn roundabout. Additionally, the author has been recommending Yalm in Castle Street as their favorite place to eat in the city, due to the wide variety of cuisine options and the lovely atmosphere. They have also discovered that Norwich is home to two cathedrals, with the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist being a lesser-known gem in Unthank Road.

Overall, the author has been adjusting to life in Norwich, learning the ins and outs of the city and its culture. They have embraced the convenience of e-scooters, and have come to appreciate the bustling Norwich Market. They are surprised by the size of the city and continue to explore its various areas. The author is also learning the nuances of the local language and getting used to the confusing nature of driving through the city. They have found their favorite place to eat and have been exploring the city’s historic landmarks, such as the two cathedrals.

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