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Mile Cross Slimming World weight loss success story

Samantha Wright, 30, from Norwich, lost 4.5 stone and has become an inspiration to those around her after achieving her dream weight.

In the first week of her weight loss journey, the primary school midday supervisor lost 5.5 pounds and continued to regularly lose vast amounts in a small period of time.

Ms Wright was recently voted Woman of the Year 2023 at Mile Cross Slimming World by the group after joining in January.

One of the members said: “If Samantha can do it so can I.

“She has had an amazing weight loss and is an amazing person in the group, always sharing ideas. She is an inspiration to all and she got to her  target in record time.”

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Ms Wright said: “I was unhappy with how I felt with myself and how I looked, so I wanted to change that.

Norwich Evening News: Samantha Wright, 30, from Norwich, has lost 4.5 stone in less than 20 weeksSamantha Wright, 30, from Norwich, has lost 4.5 stone in less than 20 weeks (Image: Slimming World)

“While losing the weight I found my activity levels increased, allowing me to do more things for longer. I now enjoy going for long walks and gardening and my biggest achievement was running along the beach with my children.”

She is now able to do all these things without being in pain or getting breathless.

Rather than “emotionally” snacking on chocolate and crisps, she now snacks on fruit and yoghurt, and her favourite healthy dinners include spaghetti bolognese and tuna pasta.

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