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Police monitoring dispute over Lotus workers in Hethel

The Lotus production facility in Hethel has become the center of a growing dispute between employees and local residents. Angry neighbors claim that staff heading home from night shifts at high speeds are waking them up in the early hours of the morning, dubbing the noisy commute the ‘Lotus Rally’. The situation has been ongoing, but members of the Bracon Ash and Hethel Parish Council have confirmed that progress is being made. They have spoken with the police, who are now monitoring the situation, and have had discussions with Lotus, who seem to be taking the concerns more seriously.

Despite the ongoing dispute, the parish council initially reported that there had been “no improvement whatsoever” to the situation, despite locals raising the issue with the company multiple times. In response, the council threatened to thwart Lotus’ £8m redevelopment plans for the site, stating that any further expansion plans must take into account the unsociable behavior of the employees. Lotus’ expansion plans involve the construction of three new buildings at their Hethel site to support their conversion to the production of electric vehicles. Norfolk police have confirmed that they are aware of the concerns of a small number of residents and are monitoring the situation.

A spokesman for Norfolk police stated that there has been no increased police presence in the area, beyond the usual response and safer neighborhood team patrols. They also confirmed that they continue to monitor the situation and are prepared to escalate their responses through advice or enforcement, in conjunction with South Norfolk District Council if noise becomes an issue. As the dispute between Lotus employees and local residents continues, it is clear that tensions are high and that both parties are seeking resolution to the ongoing issue of loud, speedy commutes in the early hours of the morning. With police monitoring the situation and ongoing conversations between the parish council and Lotus, it is hoped that a resolution will be found soon.

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