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Norfolk youth football team suspended after serious incident

Spixworth Youth Football Club U13s had their fixtures suspended following a physical abuse incident towards a referee during a match with Diss Town Football Club U13. The Norfolk County FA and the Norfolk Combined Youth Football League (NCYFL) are working together to investigate the incident and provide support to the victim. The club has expressed their disgust at the actions of the spectator and has taken a zero tolerance approach to such behavior, reaching out to Diss Town to apologize and cooperate with the investigations.

The incident occurred during a youth game, where a spectator physically abused a registered match official. Norfolk FA, in collaboration with NCYFL, swiftly took action to suspend Spixworth Youth FC U13’s fixtures while the investigation is ongoing. The organizations have made it clear that they strongly condemn and will not accept any form of abuse within their local game. The support and protection of the victim are prioritized as the investigation proceeds to address the serious incident.

Spixworth Youth FC U13 expressed their disgust at the spectator’s actions, emphasizing a zero tolerance approach to such behavior. The club is actively reaching out to Diss Town to apologize and has committed to cooperating with all investigations. They have also reassured their commitment to taking appropriate action to address and prevent future incidents of this nature. The incident has sparked a strong response from the organizations involved, highlighting the importance of safeguarding the welfare of match officials and the integrity of the game.

The social media post by Spixworth Youth FC U13 reflects their condemnation of the spectator’s actions and their commitment to cooperating with the investigation. The post also expresses the club’s apology to Diss Town and reiterates their zero tolerance approach to such behavior. The incident has brought attention to the issue of abuse towards match officials and the need for strong measures to address and prevent such incidents in youth football. The collaboration between the Norfolk County FA and NCYFL demonstrates their commitment to taking swift and decisive action to support the victim and uphold the values of respect and fair play in football.

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