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Norwich City loan striker Hwang embroiled in sex scandal

Professional football player Hwang Ui-Jo, who is currently playing for Norwich City on loan from Nottingham Forest, is under police investigation in South Korea. He was questioned by cybercrime officers in Seoul following allegations made by a former partner of his on social media in June. Hwang denies the charges and has filed a counter-claim for defamation and blackmail against his accuser. The incident in question involves footage taken with the woman’s consent, which Hwang claims was later lost when he was playing in Greece for Olympiacos.

Despite the ongoing investigation, Hwang continues to play with Norwich City while on loan from Nottingham Forest. The Korean Football Association has also confirmed that it is aware of the allegations and plans to respond to them after carefully reviewing the results of the police investigation. Hwang himself is currently in the Far East, representing his country in World Cup qualifying matches. He scored against Singapore and came on as a substitute in a match against China, demonstrating his commitment to his sport despite the legal issues he is facing.

Hwang’s legal representative has stated that the videos in question were agreed upon by his ex-girlfriend at the time and that Hwang no longer has the videos, suspecting that his phone was stolen while he was in Greece. The representative also claims that the videos and private conversations with acquaintances were used to threaten Hwang. He was summoned for questioning by police last Saturday but was released the same day. The following day, he flew to China to compete in a World Cup qualifier match. Hwang has previously scored once for Norwich City in a match against Sunderland.

The situation with Hwang Ui-Jo is ongoing, as he faces the police investigation in South Korea while continuing to play professional football for Norwich City. The allegations made by his former partner on social media have led to a legal battle between the two parties, with Hwang denying the charges and bringing a counter-claim for defamation and blackmail against the accuser. Despite these legal challenges, Hwang remains committed to representing his country in World Cup qualifying matches and continues to play for his club team. The Korean Football Association is aware of the situation and plans to respond to it after reviewing the results of the police investigation.

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