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Norfolk police officer charged over Christmas party antics

Sergeant Richard Lodge is facing a five-day misconduct hearing for breaching professional behaviour standards at a team Christmas party in Norwich in 2021. The allegations against him include engaging in unwanted physical contact and inappropriate communication with colleagues. The panel will investigate whether his behavior amounted to discreditable conduct and breached standards related to respect, courtesy, and equality and diversity. If gross misconduct is proven, Lodge could have been dismissed if still serving.

In a separate case, former PC Grace Lee is also facing a misconduct hearing for failing to record intelligence and comply with the Disclosable Associations policy, which requires officers to disclose connections with criminals or those who pose a risk of corruption. Lee’s disciplinary hearing is scheduled for November 28. If either officer is found to have committed gross misconduct, they could have been dismissed if still serving.

These cases come at a time when Norfolk police is seeing a steep rise in officer misconduct cases. The hearings for Lodge and Lee reflect the seriousness with which the force is investigating and addressing allegations of misconduct. The outcome of these hearings will demonstrate the commitment of the Norfolk police to upholding high professional standards and holding officers accountable for their actions.

The misconduct hearings for Lodge and Lee underscore the importance of maintaining professional behavior and upholding standards of respect, courtesy, and equality and diversity within the police force. The outcome of the hearings will have important implications for the future conduct of police officers and serve as a reminder of the consequences of failing to meet the expected standards of professional behavior.

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