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Norfolk dangerous offenders sent back to jail for breaches

The Ministry of Justice oversees the supervision and tracking of sex offenders, violent criminals, and other dangerous individuals in communities through multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPAs). At the end of March, there were 1,604 people in Norfolk being managed under MAPPAs, down from 1,675 the previous year. However, 14 individuals were returned to custody after breaching their licence conditions. There were also 28 sex offenders who breached their notification requirements, which includes providing the relevant information for the sex offender register. The figures show that there were 1,184 people on the sex offender’s register in Norfolk.

Michaela-Clare Addison, sexual violence lead at charity Victim Support, expressed concern about the increasing number of individuals breaching their licence conditions, stating that the conditions are in place to protect victims and the public. A Probation Service spokesperson reiterated their commitment to public protection and stated that offenders who breach their licence conditions face the possibility of being returned to custody.

It is evident that there is a need for constant monitoring and supervision of individuals managed under MAPPAs, as evidenced by the number of breaches and returns to custody. The protection and safety of the public and victims is of the utmost importance, and steps must be taken to ensure that individuals under supervision comply with their licence conditions. The increasing number of breaches in Norfolk is a cause for concern and highlights the need for continued vigilance in managing and monitoring dangerous individuals within the community.

The figures released by the Ministry of Justice underscore the importance of MAPPAs in controlling and keeping track of sex offenders and violent criminals. The overall decrease in the number of individuals managed under MAPPAs is a positive sign, but the breaches of licence conditions and notification requirements are cause for concern. It is essential for government agencies and probation services to prioritize public protection and take swift action against offenders who breach their licence conditions in order to ensure the safety of the public and victims in Norfolk.

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