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Car smashes into Beauty Lounge Amelie salon in Norwich

The shopfront of Beauty Lounge Amelie in Constitution Hill was damaged when two cars collided at a traffic light near The Woodman pub. One car was shunted into the side of the business, giving a customer and worker a nasty shock as a black Ford smashed into the wall below the main window. Those inside the shop credited the sturdy wall with potentially saving their lives. Jo Crickmore, one of the workers, described hearing the collision before the black car came crashing into the building. She also noted that her pregnant daughter had left just before the incident occurred, potentially saving her life.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that they were called to the scene of a two-vehicle collision and that there were no reports of injuries. The vehicles were recovered by 3:45 pm. CCTV footage captured the moment the car crashed into the side of the building before stopping outside the front door. The police have asked for anyone with information to come forward and quote the incident number.

Gigi Stonkiene, the owner of Beauty Lounge Amelie, has been struggling to sleep after the incident, unable to stop thinking about what happened. She mentioned that her client had entered the salon just minutes before the collision, and expressed relief that no one was injured. The wall of the shop is said to still be structurally sound after the collision, although the front door is jammed shut.

The incident at Beauty Lounge Amelie has left both the workers and owner shaken. While the building may have saved their lives, they are still grappling with the traumatic experience. The police have confirmed that there were no reported injuries, and the vehicles involved were recovered. The owner, Gigi Stonkiene, has been unable to stop thinking about the near miss and expressed relief that no one was hurt. The situation could have been much worse, and they are grateful for the support they have received. Any information about the incident is being requested by the police.

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