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Bags of rubbish set on fire by yobs in Sprowston woodland

Gerri Waring, a resident of Breck Road, Sprowston, organized a litter pick with three other people to help clear up the rubbish left at Harrison’s Wood and the Cottage Plantations in the town. The group, which included her husband Tony, collected between eight to 10 bags of rubbish. They followed instructions from the Broadland council and left the bags by the pedestrian bins for collection.

Unfortunately, the bags of rubbish were set on fire in the night, rendering the efforts of the group largely wasted. Mrs. Waring expressed her disappointment at the pointlessly destructive act, questioning why someone would find it fun to set fire to the bags. She was perplexed by the thought process of the individual responsible and was saddened that the group’s efforts had been negated by this act of vandalism.

A spokesman for the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that there was a fire in the open along Blue Boar Lane at 8:45 pm, which was extinguished by 9:01 pm. Despite the incident, Mrs. Waring stated that she will not be deterred from continuing to help keep the community clean, expressing her determination to continue organizing litter picks in the future.

The group’s efforts to clean up the area were unfortunately undercut by the act of vandalism as someone set fire to the bags of rubbish left for collection. Mrs. Waring and her companions were disappointed and saddened by this pointless act of destruction, but she remained determined to continue organizing litter picks in the future. Despite the setback, the group’s commitment to keeping the community clean remained unwavering.

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