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Your chance to meet East Anglian missionaries  

Alex and Vatha Theobald, a couple from Cambridgeshire, are preparing to serve as missionaries in a landlocked country in East Asia with OMF International starting in November 2024. OMF is a global mission agency that has been creatively sharing the gospel to East Asia’s unreached billions since its establishment by Hudson Taylor in 1865. In preparation for their service, the couple is currently studying at All Nations Christian College and will graduate in July. They are open to visiting and speaking at churches, events, and small groups to share about the ministry of unreached tribal groups. Vatha is currently the Under 30s Mission Mobiliser for the East of England at OMF and is responsible for encouraging young people and children to become excited and engaged in world mission. She has led kids’ work at regional conferences, music events, youth groups, Sunday schools, and mission days for young people and creates mission resources.

The couple is willing to arrange free mission-focused events at churches and can be contacted to discuss the possibility of hosting such an event. They will be hosting a Zoom event called “Mekong Calling: Find Your Tribe” on March 2, where participants can learn more about how the gospel is spreading and changing lives among tribal groups where the Mekong River flows in Asia. Additionally, the couple will be speaking about how global mission is still relevant for young people at the NextGen young adults event in London on March 16. This provides an opportunity for individuals to meet the couple and learn more about their upcoming mission work.

The couple’s involvement with OMF International and their focus on reaching unreached tribal groups in East Asia aligns with their passion for global mission. Through their speaking engagements and available resources, they aim to inspire and engage young people and children in world mission. Their upcoming mission-focused events and speaking engagements provide an opportunity for individuals and churches to learn more about their ministry and to support them in their mission endeavors. The couple’s dedication to sharing the gospel and their willingness to equip others for mission work make them valuable resources for churches and individuals looking to engage in global mission efforts.

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