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Senior Methodist leaders are facing investigation 

The president of the Methodist Conference, who was formerly the East Anglia District Chair, and its vice-president, are facing separate investigations into their conduct.

The Methodist Church has confirmed the investigations and suspension and has asked for the space and confidentiality to address the concerns as swiftly as possible.


Secretary of the Methodist Conference, Rev Dr Jonathan Hustler, said in a statement: “Some of you will be aware that The Times has published an article about the President, Rev Graham Thompson, and the Vice-President of the Conference, Anthony Boateng. As the article indicated, the concerns are different in each case and are being investigated.


“The Vice-President is currently suspended, but I would stress that suspension is a neutral act and is in place only to enable investigations to be completed. It would be inappropriate to comment any further on the details of these matters; we now need space and confidentiality to address the concerns as swiftly as possible.


“Can I ask for your prayers for everyone in these difficult situations at this time – for those who feel hurt by actions or inactions on the part of the Church; for those who have raised concerns; for Anthony, Graham and those close to them; for all charged with administering our processes; for the Conference (and for Gill and Kerry, President and Vice-President-designate) as we prepare to meet next week in these circumstances?


“I am all too aware, frankly, that whatever I say will be inadequate for some and might even appear insensitive to others, can I ask mutual forbearance and, if you feel hurt, forgiveness and understanding, as we endeavour to speak with grace and care when it is right to speak and to be silent when no words will do?


The Methodist Conference, the Church’s governing body, is due to meet in Birmingham next week, where a new president and vice president will be appointed.


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Pictured above are Rev Graham Thompson and Anthony Boateng. Credit www.methodist.org.uk

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