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Paula takes Norfolk signposting to a new level 

Paula Callam, Administrator at Community Chaplaincy Norfolk, has put together a comprehensive database of support organisations in Norfolk.

While it was developed to help prison leavers and the homeless, a lot of the information is of value to others who might be looking for support. It is designed to assist people trying to support individuals but can be used as a personal research tool.

The original database was developed by David Cooke who, through involvement with Prison Fellowship and prison chaplaincies in London, realised that there is a lot of support available to people but not everybody knew where to find it. It started initially with information about support in London but has expanded into other areas. There is also information about national agencies.

You can find the website here: www.signpost.services

“Why signpost?” asks Paula. “There are hundreds of organisations – public services, charities and private companies – that offer services to people leaving prison or who are homeless or others who have needs. The issue is: How do people find the help that is available? 

“Signpost is the answer. It pulls together information about all the services that people need into one place. It starts by asking people what they want help with, searches its database and selects information which is relevant to their needs.” 

Signpost will point you to organisations that will help you find:

Somewhere to live

Support with your finances

Suitable work or education

Health services

People to support you.

Supportive Faith Communities

All you need to do is choose the services that you would like information about in your area and Signpost will produce a list of Your Signpost Services. This list gives website links, opening times if appropriate and contact details.

If you look at the database and there is an organisation / charity that you think could be beneficial for others to know about please email the website etc to Paula Callam at [email protected]

Pictured above is Paula Callum



Eldred Willey, 22/03/2023

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