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Coptic family urgently seeks shelter in Norwich 

A Coptic Orthodox family who recently arrived in Norfolk are appealing for help as they are at risk of becoming homeless in the next few days.

The family consists the husband, Nagy, his wife Martha, their 12-year-old son Mina and their nine-year-old daughter Jouvana. They are from Egypt and are attending St Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church in Easton, just west of Norwich.

The family are being evicted from their current accommodation next Tuesday (February 28).


They arrived in December after being given a sponsorship visa and accommodation from a healthcare company which had offered Nagy a job. However, in January a manager from the company informed Nagy that it was closing down. 

The couple have both tried to find alternative jobs, and Martha had a successful interview with a healthcare agency in Anglia Square, Norwich. She has now obtained a DBS and will be able to start work as soon as she has completed a training course.

Nagy has a degree in law, and a diploma as a carer which covers mental health, assisting children with behavioural problems, speech therapy and care for the elderly and disabled. He has built up experience in this care work.


Despite his qualifications and experience, he is still seeking work. He needs to be working so that he can get another sponsorship within 90 days and extend his visa. 

In the meantime, the manager from the healthcare company which offered Nagy the original job has said that the family must vacate their accommodation by the end of February, as it is linked to a now-bankrupt company.


The family are not eligible for public funds, and they cannot apply for a council house or for a housing association property. Private landlords have so far been unwilling to accept them, especially as Martha has not yet started work. 


The family is currently in Lowestoft, but they are hoping for accommodation in Norwich or the surrounding area so that Martha can take up her job when she has completed her training.


If you can offer temporary accommodation for the family until they are settled in work, or can suggest a viable solution, please could you contact Hala from St Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church on [email protected]


Pictured above are (from left to right) Nagy, Martha, Jouvana and Mina.






Eldred Willey, 24/02/2023

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