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Archbishop describes Queen’s rock-like faith 

The Archbishop of Canterbury has described the Queen’s Christian faith as “the rock on which she stands”, while speaking to the BBC ahead of the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne on Sunday.

On Sunday January 6 she became the first British monarch to mark a Platinum Jubilee and in the BBC interview Justin Welby said the Queen had committed herself to a life of duty and public service.


As the world’s longest-serving head of state, the Queen is currently in her beloved Sandringham in Norfolk, for the anniversary of her accession in 1952. Sandringham was where her father, King George VI, died on January 6, 1952.


The Archbishop emphasised the personal importance of religious faith to the Queen, aged 95, and likened her role as monarch to a lifelong religious vocation and the coronation to the vows for religious ministry.


“The coronation service is a form of ordination, in a liturgical sense, and she lives that out without a grumble. It is priestly – the language, the structure, it’s very similar to an ordination of a priest or a bishop,” he said.


The archbishop said the Queen had faced “intense grief”, including the loss of her husband of 70 plus years, last year, when she showed the country the right thing to do, sitting alone at his funeral.


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Pictured above is Hope Together’s special website to mark the jubilee, read more here.



Keith Morris, 05/02/2022

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