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Secret Norwich church is declared ‘at risk’ 

A tiny “secret” Norwich church hidden behind an estate agents and a pizza restaurant has been declared “at risk” and added to the Save Britain’s Heritage online register.

St Mary the Less, on Queen Street, Norwich, was added to the online register along with 59 other “at risk” buildings across the country on June 29.


The register noted: “You’ll see the steeple of St Mary the Less extending up behind a frontage of shops with a tiny, ‘secret’ set back entrance. This most lovely Grade I disused church needs comprehensive repairs and a use to ensure it does not deteriorate in condition.”


The Save Britain’s Heritage’s online register already holds around 1,200 buildings from all over the country which are at risk through demolition or dereliction. 

Every year the charity adds new buildings identified by its supporters, conservation officers and other heritage professionals in a bid to publicise the plight of historic treasures which, with a little imagination, could find new life. The register is a powerful tool in bringing buildings which could be repurposed to wider attention and attracts interest from all quarters.


You can find out more here.

To see more on the history of the church, which includes use by French Protestants, Norwich Corporation and the Catholic Apostolic Church, and see more pictures of the church, at norfolkchurches.co.uk

Picture courtesy of Simon Knott and www.norfolkchurches.co.uk


Keith Morris, 05/07/2022

Read the full article here

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