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Salvation Army flies the flag for faithful member 

To the sound of a brass band and the singing of family and local Christians, the Salvation Army held a celebration for the faithful ministry of Salvationist Marjorie Cooper. 

Her widow, George Cooper, purchased a new corps flag in her memory, to be flown outside The Salvation Army Hall on the Mile Cross estate. The Hall is situated on the Norwich Ring Road, where hundreds of people will see the flag daily and may have cause to pause and consider the meaning and ministry that it bears witness to. 

The blue signifies the purity of God the Father, the red speaks of the blood of Jesus, and the yellow star in the centre focuses on the Holy Spirit, life is lived in the presence of the Trinity, who empowers His church to witness and serve others in His name. Marjorie was the cook when our Luncheon Club began in 1984, and it still continues to minister to forty people twice a week today. 

George was supported by family and friends, alongside local Salvationists as the flag was dedicated and raised in witness to the ministry of the corps today. 


Pictured above is the ceremony, with George Cooper sitting by the flagpole.



Eldred Willey, 07/07/2022

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