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Royal visit to Soul church in Norwich 

HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, visited SOUL Church on Heartsease Lane in March to see their new building and learn more about the community outreach activities and projects that the church is involved in. Accompanied by Lady Dannatt, Lord Lieutenant for Norfolk, the Duke met with the architects of the building, Fielden & Mawson, and took a tour of the facility. He had the opportunity to speak with church staff and volunteers, as well as representatives from The Clare School, a school for differently-abled children in Norwich that is supported by the church. The Duke also visited SOUL Nursery to see the new childcare facilities and met with various outreach program representatives.

During his visit, Prince Richard had the chance to interact with members of the church’s wellbeing group, a support group for those dealing with mental health issues, addictions, loneliness, and other challenges. He also spoke with church members involved in children’s work, the community café, and the social supermarket. The Duke received a gift from Pastors Jon and Chantel Norman, who expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to showcase the church’s work within the community and the various support services and groups they offer. Chantel Norman emphasized the desire to welcome more people into their church home and raise awareness of the assistance available to those in need.

The visit highlighted the diverse range of outreach programs and activities that SOUL Church is involved in, including feeding the homeless, job clubs, support groups for women who have experienced pregnancy loss, and international ventures. The Duke of Gloucester was impressed by the work being done by the church and expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to see firsthand the impact of their efforts on the local community. The church’s commitment to supporting those in need and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment was evident throughout the visit, and the Duke’s presence served to shine a spotlight on their important work.

In conclusion, HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester’s visit to SOUL Church provided an opportunity to showcase the church’s new building and the various community outreach activities and projects that they are involved in. The Duke interacted with church staff, volunteers, and program representatives, gaining insight into the wide range of services and support provided by the church. His visit helped raise awareness of the church’s work within the community and highlighted the importance of their efforts in supporting those in need. Overall, the visit was a success and served to strengthen the church’s connections with the local community and engage more people in their valuable work.

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