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Norwich event to welcome Hong Kong migrants  

Rev Tim Yau from St Peter’s Church Cringleford is organising a celebration for families who have moved to Norwich from Hong Kong.  

Since January 2021 the UK government has issued a new British National Overseas (BNO) visa that has given the 5.4 million residents of the former British colony of Hong Kong the right to come and live in the UK.


By July 2022, over 123,000 eligible people from Hong Kong had chosen to take up this offer and applied for the BNO visa. There has been a steady stream of people moving with their families to Norfolk to start a new life. A recent survey has shown that 42% of the new arrivals are Christians. 


“This input of faith and energy to the UK Church has the potential to revitalise the life of many congregations,” writes Tim Yau, “if these congregations are willing to offer a warm welcome to their new neighbours. By creating space for them to express their faith and culture, and not just assimilating them to our church norms, we will allow them to flourish and help the UK church to reach out to the 58% of Hong Kong migrants who are not yet Christian.”


It is with this in mind that the event will welcome people from Hong Kong to Norwich, whether they are Christian or not, by providing information on UK society and culture, and connecting people locally.


Tim is aiming to have representatives from the police, education service, health service, church, and local, city and county council to welcome migrants from Hong Kong. He is hoping to gather at least 50 Hong Kong Chinese heritage people, for a family friendly celebration, with fun and games and a space to meet each other.


The event is taking place on from 4.30 to 6.30pm on Saturday February 4 at the Willow Centre, Willowcroft Way, Cringleford, NR4 7JJ. Recommended donation: £5 per family


For more information contact: Revd Tim Yau, 07964 078330, [email protected]




Eldred Willey, 20/01/2023

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