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Norwich church to hold Sunday healing service 

Witard Road Baptist Church is hosting a healing service on November 27 led by Rev Ray and Ruth Scorey from Norfolk Healing Rooms.

They will be joined by members of Healing Rooms from Norwich and Stowmarket. The teams will be praying for healing of the sick in the power, name and authority of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.


The ministry of Norfolk Healing Rooms, rests firmly on the promise of Isaiah 53:4-5, which states that we are not just saved, but healed; it’s a finished work of the cross.


Since Norfolk Healing Rooms started in 2007, the team has seen wonderful physical healings with eyesight, fractures, pain, Parkinson’s, cancer and infertility, as well as emotional and spiritual healings. 


The ministry of Healing Rooms was inspired by John G Lake in 1914 in Spokane, USA, which saw 100,000 documented healings over a five-year period. Cal Pierce re-dug the wells of healing there in 1999 and the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) now has over 3,000 centres in over 80 countries. They have a vision to see at least one HR in every city across the world. 


The first HR in the UK opened in Halifax in 2003. Norfolk HR began in 2007. There are now over 70 HRs in the UK and expansion continues.


The evening is free of charge. Everyone is invited. Come if you have a need for healing whether that’s physical, mental, spiritual, relational or financial healing or would just like to receive a fresh touch from the Lord. Come as you are, alone or bring your family, friends and neighbours.


Witard Road Baptist Church is situated on the east side of Norwich, NR7 9XD, 01603 701502. 

There is a large car park at the front of the church.


The service will be at 6.30pm on Sunday November 27.


For more information about the service contact [email protected]



Eldred Willey, 14/11/2022

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