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Norwich church group creates fidget quilts 

A love of sewing inspired Norwich teacher Helen Bouttell to start a quilting group at her church and they have completed some creative designs ready to benefit people living with dementia.


The group meets on alternate Friday mornings afternoons at Norwich Central Baptist Church (NCBC) to sew the quilts and discuss ideas for the designs. Helen brings her sewing machine, and it is a sociable time and proves to be a creative outlet for like-minded people who enjoy crafts.

The quilts comprise several seven-inch squares, and feature embellishments such as zippers, buttons, crochet shapes and ties. Helen explains, “The addition of these elements are good for restless hands; they stimulate the senses as they incorporate different textures and colours. They can help people feel calm and keep them occupied.”

Each square is embellished individually, then sewn together before backing and edging is added. Helen said, “Each quilt is wonderfully unique and can be tailored for the person receiving it.” The quilts are not just popular for people with dementia; Helen recently completed a quilt for her youngest daughter, featuring her favourite animal, a black cat.

Helen’s mother in law Eunice had dementia and lived in her family home until her death two years ago. “Eunice would’ve loved one of these quilts to feel safe and to snuggle under but also she always had restless hands and would’ve loved fidgeting with the different textures and embellishments. Each quilt is stitched with love and our prayers saturate them so that the recipients will feel a sense of the love of Jesus.”

The group are open to more people joining them, and also to donations of fabric, embellishment items and suggestions of people and places who would benefit from a quilt.

Anyone wanting to know more can contact [email protected]


Helen Baldry, 15/02/2023

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