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Norwich Christmas musical Edenbridge is sell-out 

Hilary Harrison’s new Christmas musical, Edenbridge, was a sell-out for both performances. For those who did not manage to get a ticket, we share some moments from the show.  

“I’m not sure I’ve got the time to look after three children. Children are always trouble in my experience.”


“I just laid the table for tea and I do so like a bit of company. It’s so lonely taking tea alone.”


“We’re very lucky Jacob is letting us stay. We don’t want to blow it.”


“We keep going without breaks and bank holidays until we collapse in a heap.”


“I don’t like phrases which begin with ‘it’s just that’. They infer doubt.”


“So you say the children are on their way here now, Dove.”


“Who are you talking to, Cat. Oh, it’s you. What do you think of my display?”


“I’m impressed we even scored a speaking part. We don’t say a lot in the book, do we?”


“There won’t be any cheese in my special garden.”


“I could go to the ends of the earth for you to make you feel my love.”


A happy ending: “Thank you, Great Uncle, for making it our home too.”


The door to the other world is now closed. But maybe the children will get back another way when the time is right.

Edenbridge played at The Sanctuary, Norwich, on December 2 and 3 with graphic design by Andrew Piper, costumes by Leah Gibby and the Norwich Community Gospel Choir joining in the finale on the last night.


Eldred Willey, 12/12/2022

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