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Norwich charity offers free supermarket vouchers 

A Norwich-based Christian charity has food vouchers to distribute to people in need living in the area of their social supermarket in NR2.

In 2022, ENYP opened the doors of its first social supermarket. Based in Russell Street Community Centre in NR2. The supermarket sells a wide range of food, groceries and toiletries, including fresh and frozen items, and free or hugely-discounted baked goods.

Lucie Fox from ENYP said: “The supermarket has a growing membership and is now supporting thousands of people in Norwich. Thanks to the support of the Household Support Fund at Norfolk Community Foundation ENYP has been also able to offer food vouchers to member households to give them extra finance to support them through the current cost of living crisis.  

“We have a number of these vouchers left – total value £50 towards food at the social supermarket – and would be keen to offer membership and vouchers to households in the immediate area of Russell Street Community Centre who are not already members of the social supermarket.

“Members who joined last year have positively commented on the variety of produce and the healthy options of fruit and vegetables, which often they would otherwise go without. The social supermarket gives people an independence of choice, allowing members to select what food is most useful to them. Lucie says that the project is more than just a supermarket, “The social aspect of building trusted relationships within the community, being a listening ear, signposting and offering support is just as important,” said Lucie.

Members have said that the social supermarket has helped them during the cost of living crisis, as they have been forced to prioritise bills, which hasn’t have enough money for food.  Another member said,   “If it wasn’t for this place I wouldn’t come out.”

Those interested in joining and benefiting from a voucher should contact [email protected] as soon as possible as this offer is limited and on a first come first served basis.

For more information on ENYP please visit www.enyp.org.uk 

Helen Baldry, 23/02/2023

Read the full article here

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